P0306 Fault Code

P0306 Single Cylinder Low Mass Flow Monitor (Cylinder 6)

Component / System

Fuel System Monitoring Injection Quantity – Low (Cylinder 6)

Monitor Strategy Description

Single cylinder engine flywheel acceleration evaluation

Fault Limit

Number of misfire events per cylinder 400 out of 500

Enable Conditions

Average Engine Speed 525 - 725 RPM
PTO Not Active
Number of Cylinders Misfiring < 4 Cylinders
Engine Torque 0 - 400 Nm
Vehicle Speed < 0.1 km/h
Revolution Count 125 Revolutions
Delay Time After Engine Start 60 seconds
Delay Time After Enable Condition Met 10 seconds
Ambient Air Temperature -8 - 55 °C
Barometric Pressure 75 - 105 kPa
Coolant Temperature > 65 °C

Disable Conditions

No Active DTC's:
P0117, P0115, P2229, P2226, P0340, P0335, P0262, P0265, P0268, P0271,P0274, P0277, P0201, P0202, P0203, P0204, P0205, P0206

Time Required For P0306 DTC To Be Set

180 Seconds

MIL Illumination

2 Drive Cycles

Don't forget ! When a fault code pops up, Volvo's Uptime Center is automatically notified via an cellular link, and it alerts the truck's owner by prearranged methods, usually email or phone calls.

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